Values that turn us leaders


The company was set up in 1940 when its founder Pedro Ródenas Córcoles started business on the manufacturing of jute wrapping and packaging. Thanks to the success of this activity, in 1972 the company decided to transform this packaging into plastic, Polypropylene and Polyethylene, as a result of market needs. New products and applications were then developed in a process of innovation which has continued right up to present times.

Ródenas & Rivera has always been a family business. Nowadays, the second and third generations are managing the company with the same values that turn it leader in the plastics transformation sector:
  • Continuous Improvement

At Rodenas & Rivera we are always working with the best professionals to achieve the highest standards of quality not only in our products but also at every step of the production process.

  • Innovation
Constantly investing to be pioneers offering solutions and improvements to our customers. Working every day to find out new and better products while developing new processes for our manufacturing standards.
  • Commitment

Always maintaining long term relationships with our customers and suppliers in order to move forward together searching the best solutions for the end users of the product.

  • Sustainability
Focusing our growth on a personal commitment to avoid negative impact on the environment. Looking for solutions to supply environmentally friendly products
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