Cables and Labels

A solution for every application

Ródenas & Rivera offers a wide variety of materials for the production of non-adhesives labels. Different combinations are available depending on the final application.
Our materials are mainly used for the production of printed wineglass labels. These laminates can be thermal or non-thermal. The thermal property on paper is excellent for those clients that need to print fixed information on one side and some changeable information at the time of packaging the product.
In addition, we also offer various types of PP foamed. Depending on their functionality, these are used for labels or cables (thickness from 70 to 400 microns).
Etiquetas termicas
  • Material for thermal labels

We offer complexes for both thermal labels and coated thermal labels. The coated material have the same properties of thermal paper but offering a higher protection.

Etiquetas mate
  • Material for non-thermal labels
We also offer material for gloss and matt labels. These materials are perfect for those clients that do not need to print anything in the last minute.
  • Bolduc Ribbon
 Material that can be printed on both sides and is useful to show information on punnets, nets or even for decorative tapes.
  • PP foam for cables
 PP foam is used for wrapping and insulating cables because provides stability against copper contact. It is also available with Corona treatment for printing.
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