A solution for every application

Ródenas & Rivera offers a large variety of PP, PE and PA films used for the packaging and storage of products for industries such as the alimentary, the pharmaceutical or the medical.
All our materials are available in many thicknesses and widths because we always try to adapt our products to the needs of our customers.
Ródenas & Rivera also offers laminated products. These products are a combination of two or more films with complementary properties that gives as a result a different film with better properties.
  • PP and PE Films
 We offer a large variety of thickness for Cast PP and PE films. Some of the products that we can make are: films for lamination, stretch film, retractile film, for frozen goods...
  •  CPA and Coextruded Films
 Different combinations of thicknesses for CPA films (Nylon cast) and for coextruded materials of PA with PE and PP.
  • Lamination
 Among other materials, we laminate: PA/PE, PA/PP, PET/PE, PE/PP, BOPP/PE, BOPP/CPP...
  • Packaging
 For those clients who need printed films, we offer the possibility of 8 color flexographic printed materials.


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