A solution for every application

Ródenas & Rivera offers a wide range of products to pack products from 10 Kg to 50 Kg. We offer solutions for a light, flexible and protective of external agents packaging, which will make easier the handling, storing, transport and preservation of the products in the best conditions.
The company has a stable market in the manufacturing of bags for all types of products and packaging systems. In our range of products, we offer Polypropylene and Polyethylene bags, Form Fill Seal (FFS) and sheets with thickness above 110 micron. These products are mainly used in the AGRI-FOOD and Chemical markets. In case the product is included in the list of dangerous goods, our products are approved by the OCA’s according to existing law and regulations.
Our company is also well aware that each and every package is a marketing weapon, and thus we use the most sophisticated printing techniques to customize them providing the best image of your company.
  • Bottom stitched bags or Pillow bags
    Bags with or without gusset, coated or uncoated. Bag can have a PE or PP inner liner if product requires so.
        Fondo plano
  • Valve and Block Bottom Bags
    Bags of 1, 2 or 3 layers with different combinations of PP, PE, paper, being the valve bag made out of PP + PE suitable for the transport of dangerous or hygroscopic products.
    Tubo FFS
  • FFS tube
    PE Coextruded tube in rolls, suitable for the packing of big volumes of product at high speed.
  • FFS sheet
    PE sheets in rolls, with thickness of more than 110 microns, suitable for the packing of small volumes due to its high versatility.
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