Quality policy and environment

Quality, our best guarantee

One of the main objectives of Rodenas & Rivera is quality excellence. In order to guarantee this excellence Rodenas does quality controls to all the products we produce. We have a quality department working 24 hours a day to aim all the requirements demanded by our clients. 
To ensure the best quality, improve our customers’ productivity, extend the life of the machines and produce durable and reliable products Rodenas & Rivera only works with the best raw materials. We only work with international renowned suppliers that have a wide experience in the market.
Our main objective is to eliminate complaints from our customers. For this reason every time a problem came up all departments (production, R&D, sales…) work together to solve it as soon as possible and provide guidelines to avoid it happening again.  
Ródenas & Rivera is aware of the importance of preserving the environment. For this reason, all our products are 100% recyclable. In addition, the company has since 1997 the certificates of environmental management and quality of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
Since 2015 Ródenas & Rivera has been evaluated and it meets the requirements of global standard for packaging and packaging materials for the BRC Certification. The BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard is a leading global brand and the first Standard in the world to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) benchmarking committee.
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