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In Rodenas & Rivera we always work to offer the best quality on our products, but also to continually offer new and better solutions to our customers. As demonstrated in the company’s history, Rodenas & Rivera has always been a company concerned to improve the efficiency of our processes to provide the best product.

An example of this is that due to our effort, investments and constancy we have become the first polyamide cast producer in Spain. After some years analyzing and investigating we can offer an excellent product to all our clients.
We have an R&D department that works every day not only to research improvements on our products and processes, but also to study all the opportunities and technological variations that are in the market.
We also provide technical service to the clients who need it. We provide support and solutions at any time: Any doubt about the latest trends or which product should be used for a specific application or how to improve productivity with our products… can be asked to this department. Our team will answer and clarify any question in the shortest time.
"The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has granted to Rodenas and Rivera S.A the record SEI-01000-2012-519 through the summons of helps for the promotion of the competitiveness of strategic industrial sectors. This proyect is co-financed by FEDER."
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